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What to Expect at
Your First Appointment

When you come in for your first appointment, you’ll be greeted by one of our providers or our friendly front desk staff. Because we are a patient-centered practice, we always make sure you feel comfortable while you’re here. You’ll need to fill out some forms before your appointment begins.

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We will first discuss what kind of problems you are experiencing. This conversation helps our hearing specialists understand your history and is useful in directing the rest of the test and treatment.

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Then we’ll perform an ear exam by looking inside your ears at your canal and eardrum. This is to ensure earwax impaction is not the cause of your hearing problem.

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We’ll perform a hearing test to determine the nature of your hearing loss and the degree of loss you have. We also may test for tinnitus, vertigo, or sound sensitivity.

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After the testing, we’ll discuss your treatment options. We carry many devices in-office, which makes it easy for us to show you some options.

We are now open and accepting new patients! Schedule your appointment.