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Labyrinth Audiology was established 15 years ago with a goal to provide testing, management, and treatment for common hearing conditions. We offer comprehensive on-site hearing healthcare services for Boca Raton, Florida. We believe it’s important for patients to understand their hearing issues through an accurate diagnosis, and receive treatment that will improve their overall well-being and communication. Our philosophy is to break down communication barriers and improve the quality of life of each patient.

At Labyrinth Audiology, we strive to help our patients by making diagnoses, offering solutions to manage symptoms, and providing the treatment that’s best for the patient. We commonly help patients overcome conditions such as hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), balance difficulties, vertigo, and sound sensitivity. We also provide services for auditory processing disorder. Treatment options sometimes include hearing aids and maintaining consistent symptom management from the initial diagnosis to follow-up care.

The Labyrinth Audiology Difference

Dr. Ali Danesh of Labyrinth Audiology

The professionals at Labyrinth Audiology are passionate about what they do because hearing is a sense that brings people together, promotes better communication, and improves well-being. Working in hearing healthcare is most rewarding when we see our patients improving their relationships and making important changes in their lives.

While our staff is well-versed in the professional aspect of hearing loss, we also understand it from a personal perspective. Our provider, Ali Danesh grew up with an aunt who experienced hearing loss. This actually spurred his interest in the field. Now, Ali has been practicing audiology for 25 years and is passionate about addressing the needs of each patient with individualized and targeted treatment.

"After a couple of years of denial, I decided to treat myself to hearing the diminishing sounds around me with the help of Dr. Danesh. I was impressed how comfortable and nice it was to hear 'EVERYTHING'. I joke with my friends that the aids are so good that I can hear what they are thinking!"

~ Janet M.
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Secure Warranty at Labyrinth Audiology

Special Warranty

Did you know that most manufacturers only provide a 2-3 year warranty on their hearing aids? However, you can receive the EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty—America's longest hearing aid warrantyexclusively through Labyrinth Audiology. We are the only carrier of EarQ hearing aids in Boca Raton, FL.

Ask us about this during your appointment!

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Our practice is loated on Glades Road, the main street in Boca Raton. Our office is right across from Florida Atlantic University.

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