Decreased Sound Tolerance Disorders

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Hyperacusis is an over sensitivity to sound that has perceptual, psychological and social dimensions. Hyperacusis can be related to the loudness of the sound and/or to emotional reaction (annoyance or fear) to sound.

There is a growing awareness that children as well as adults experience symptoms of hyperacusis or misophonia, which are real and are experienced by almost 9% of population.

Evidence gathered over the past two decades suggest that hyperacusis may be related to increased gain (enhanced output) in the central auditory pathway and to increased anxiety or emotional response to loud sounds.

Not everyone with hyperacusis needs treatment from a professional. However there are many people who have benefited from seeing a hyperacusis specialist most of whom work in Audiology departments that specialize in hyperacusis.

Various counselling and sound therapy approaches have proven to be successful in treating hyperacusis.

If you think you may be experiencing hyperacusis or misophonia, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Click here to read a recent NPR interview by two of Dr. Danesh's colleagues (Dr. Jaffe is a psychologist in California and Dr. Johnson is an audiologist in Oregon).

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